What Shopify features make this platform the best CMS?

To establish successful online business presence, you need to select the very best CMS solution available. Select one that fits perfectly your online business needs. Doing this will allow you to optimize benefits and potential. Using this eCommerce solution, you can develop a quality website that will help enhance web traffic, sales and ROI.

Features offered by Shopify

  • Web hosting: Web hosting becomes easy with free shopify for site owners. It eliminates requiring maintaining an expensive software program, site servers and payment gateways. Hosting payment is also not necessary, since essential functions performed with technical expertise can be managed effortlessly. It helps save precious resources and allows operating business without any hassle.
  • Search Engine Optimization: All site owners require implementing SEO to promote their online business. It helps improve SERP and visibility, thus attracting viewer traffic and customers in huge numbers. Even basic packages offered by SEO have SEO features combined with several integrated SEO tools. Site owners can use this platform to appeal leading search engines and use other features in their site.
  • Marketing tools: Shopify being a CMS is built technically for marketing purposes. It provides users with a variety of marketing tools. It provides users with different types of services without breaking coding. A few instances of what is achievable are using customized gift cards, setting discount codes, managing inventory, establishing product costs, integrating social media, etc.
  • Security: This platform is designed to manage effectively security compliance, hacker protection and upgrades. It prevents hacking and data breaches, ensuring you are able to focus on user registration and raising money. You can also access dedicated support if you face problems. Support team offers solutions to start-ups having shoestring budget. They provide prompt assistance and valuable insight.
  • Analytics: Entrepreneurs are required to track online site/store progress. For this, they can use analytic tools offered by Shopify. Such features can track how customers managed to locate their business online along with other crucial information. This, in turn, helps improve inbound marketing efforts. You can also use add-ons available at Shopify app store to track affiliate sales and rely upon target email marketing.
  • Templates: When customization is concerned, Shopify offers users with a variety of beautiful and comprehensive template designs. You can even come across free templates or pay a small amount without hidden fees.

In short, Shopify is undoubtedly the best eCommerce platform to use to promote your online store/site.

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